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The Clarified Textus Receptus (cTR) is a set of Hebrew and Greek codices containing the Holy Scriptures of יְהוָה (the God of AbRaham, Yitsaq, and Jacob). It reconciles Scriptural vocabulary1, “Concept for concept, Context for context, Word for word.”®

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The cTR in Print:

The Clarified Textus Receptus is an ongoing work of the PlowShare Mission...

which produced the MCT Bible and Dictionaries, the MESD for KJV,
and the Mickelson Clarified Interlinears— for the remaining generations.

At its foundation, the Clarified Textus Receptus includes the clarified “1525 Ben Chayyim-2019 Mickelson” Hebrew OT codex and the clarified “1550 Stephanus-2019 Mickelson” Greek NT codex.

Intrinsically, it also includes the MCT® Octuagint,® the remediated “2013 VanDerPool-2019 Mickelson” Greek OT codex, and MCT® Brit Chadashah, the reconciled “1892 Delitzsch-2019 Mickelson” Hebrew NT codex.

The latest editions of the Mickelson Clarified Translation® (MCT)® resources are based on this reconciled and clarified set of Scripture codices, which is formally known as the “Clarified Textus Receptus”, with the abbreviation of “cTR”.

NT - New Testament, OT - Old Testament

The original Greek NT codex of the 1550 Stephanus (revised by Robert “Stephanus” Estienne in 1550, compiled by Erasmus in 1516) is historically known as the “Textus Receptus” with the abbreviation of “TR”. However, two subsequent revisions were also labeled as “Textus Receptus”: a revision by Theodore Beza, and a reconstruction effort by Frederick H. A. Scrivener to create a synthetic Greek codex to match the amalgamation of sources used by the King James Version (KJV).

Later, the term “Textus Receptus” was also generically applied to the Hebrew OT codex of the 1525 Ben Chayyim, which is utilized in the King James Version of the Holy Scriptures. Thus, as a grouping, “Textus Receptus” formally refers to the 1550 Stephanus Greek codex and the 1525 Ben Chayyim.

For a concise history of the original Textus Receptus, see Theopedia: Textus Receptus.
Also, see a photo of the phrase containing “Textum...receptum” (from this article in German).
For a short history (from one perspective), see A Short History of the Textus Receptus, by Dulle.
For a statement of the use of the 1525 Ben Chayyim in the KJV, see Masoretic Text: Some Important Editions.

1 More than 42,500 hours over a 16 year period have been devoted to this specific labor by one soul, one being Kinsman-Redeemed by Yeshua and knowing in-depth the author, the text, the vocabulary, the contexts, and the promises and consequences from Genesis to Revelation (aside from also having read the NT seventy times and the OT seventeen times-- during personal devotion times with Abba Father as a living son through trust in Yeshua; and aside from group studies and pastoral teachings over the 17 years preceding the labor).

+ More than 4,000 hours have been additionally contributed by various proofreaders to the MCT® English translations.